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jokaydiaGRID!Come & Explore jokaydiaGRID!

Our opensim based grid opened in 2010 & provides region rentals, design services, vws resources & engaging environments to explore!

Visit the jokaydiaGRID Website!

Islands of jokaydia in Second Lifejokaydia in Second Life!

Established in 2007, visit the Island of jokaydia to explore the resources, sandbox, social spaces & our wonderful resident’s spaces!

Find out more about jokaydia in SL!

jokaydia Minecraftsjokaydia’s Mining Projects!

jokaydia’s Minecraft servers are home to the Massively @ jokaydia Guild, & range of mining projects & hosting options!

Check out our adventures in Minecraft!

Join the jokaydia NetworkJoin the jokaydia Network to Connect and Share!

Join the jokaydia network to connect with other parents & teachers! Share info & resources on virtual worlds & games for playful learning!

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jokaydia Virtual Worlds Wikijokaydia Virtual Worlds
& Games Wiki

Check out the jokaydia Virtual Worlds & Games Wiki. Includes guides, case studies & useful resources for educators!

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Events Calendarjokaydia Events & Activities Calendar

jokaydia holds regular events & activities across our virtual spaces! Check out the calendar to find out more!

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